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Join The Business Credit Builder Program

Your Path to Excellent Business Credit & Up to $250,000 In Capital

Stop Worrying About How to Build Excellent Credit, Access High-Limit
Credit & Obtain Ideal Credit Lines…

Follow the Customized Guidance Within this Specially Curated Program!

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Who the Business Credit Builder Program is For:

Anyone Who Can Check This Box...

Starting With an Idea?

We’ll build up your credit so you can access loans, credit, and more to launch your business quickly.

Scaling Your Business?

We’ll make sure you have access to the funding you need for expansion, team growth, and more.

Unable to Qualify for a Loan?

Gain access to lender and credit issuer requirements to know you’ll be approved before you apply!

The Not-So-Dirty Little Secret About Building a Business...

Everyone Needs Business Credit

Business Credit Protects Your Personal Credit.

If you’re funding your business with your own money or putting your personal credit score on the line, you’re walking a dangerous line. We’ll help you shield your personal credit so you can have peace of mind.

Business Credit Provides Access to Spending Power.

From marketing to payroll to office space and beyond, you have costs as a business. Business credit is the key to accessing more cash or loans, allowing you to cover those costs and grow...all without spending your own money.

Business Credit Protects Equity & Maximizes Profits.

When you finance a business through credit rather than hard money lenders, you avoid spending revenue on interest payments. That means more profit in your pocket.

The 3 Cornerstones of the Business Credit Builder Program

Through the Business Credit Builder program, Timestar Capital walks you through the step-by-step process of building your own business credit and accessing capital. It’s the proven, field-tested, business owner-approved, and highly personalized process used by business owners to access more than $52 million in capital.


We help you set up and register your business, bank accounts, and merchant accounts. With credibility checks, we lay the foundation that sets you up to achieve excellent business credit fast.

Funding Access

We’ll help you register with credit reporting agencies, repair any damaged credit, and deliver exclusive access to starter vendors. Then we’ll help you access high-limit credit lines without any personal guarantee.

Financing Access & Support

By cultivating your credit score, you’ll gain access to no-doc, 0% financing and revolving credit lines. Receive automatic approvals to secure business loans within 72 hours, and receive 12 months of support from Timestar.

411 Credibility Listing
Fix Damaged Business Credit
PayPal Revolving Credit Access
EIN and Entity Setup Assistance
Experian Smart Business Access
Unsecured, No-Doc, 0% Financing
Business Name Credibility Check
Business Credit Report & Score Training
Save 90% off Full Credit Monitoring
Bank & Merchant Account Setup Assistance
Get Setup with D&B, Experian, & Equifax
12-Months of Business Advisor Support
Business Address Credibility Check
Access HIGH-Limit Store Credit Cards
Auto Financing with no Personal Guarantee
Website & Email Credibility Check
Access HIGH-Limit Fleet Credit Cards
Secure Business Loans within 72 Hours
Business Phone Credibility Check
Access HIGH-Limit Cash Credit Cards
Get Loans with Rates of 5% & Less
Exclusive Access to Starter Vendors
5-Years of Finance Officer Support

Program Details

12-Month Program

This Consultation Program is Designed to Build Up Your Business Credit Fast

Customized Guidance

Receive Expert Guidance Tailored to You. Discover Exactly What to Do For Each Creditor

Ongoing Support

12-Month Support Including Weekly Calls to Ensure You’re Hitting Every Target

No Personal Credit Check

With No Link to Your SSN, You Won’t Need a Personal Credit Check or a Personal Guarantee

English & Spanish

All Guidance is Offered In English & Spanish, Beginning With the Starter Portal

Claim Access to the Business Credit Builder Program!

Choose the Best Payment Option for You

One-Time Payment of $1,997

(SAVE $500!)

Gain full access to the 12-month Business Credit Builder program with a one-time payment.

$0 Down PayPal Financing

(SAVE $500!)

Get started with NO money down and NO affect on your personal credit score. This includes NO interest if you’ve paid the $1,997 balance in 6 months. PayPal requires a credit score of 650.

Choose Your Own Financing Plan

(Guaranteed Approval!)

Get started with a $697 down payment and then pay just $150 per month over 12 months. There’s no personal credit score requirement or credit check. Everyone is approved!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

No matter which payment option you select, you’ll be able to access The Business Credit Builder risk-free thanks to our 14-day money back guarantee.

Claim Access to the Business Credit Builder Program!

Choose the Best Payment Option for You

See The Business Credit Builder In Action…

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Why Timestar is Trusted By Thousands...

Hear From Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Like You

One-Time Payment of $1,997

(SAVE $500!)

$0 Down PayPal Financing

(SAVE $500!)

12-Month Financing Plan

(Guaranteed Approval!)